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American Carpet Cleaners

Frequently Asked Questions

American Carpet Cleaners1. What method do you use for carpet cleaning?

I use van mounted units called steam cleaning. This is the standard cleaning method according to the Institute of Carpet Cleaning. This service includes pre-spotting and rinsing with 180-200 degree steam.

Most homes will take 2-3 hours to clean and a 2-5 hour dry time.

2. What is your pricing?

Pricing is based upon room size for homes, usually around $30 to $40 for the average room. For example, a 5 room house will be around $180, halls and bathrooms are extra.

I am able to provide estimates over the phone which are within $10 to $30 in most cases. Businesses are estimated by the square foot at $.10 to $.15 per square foot.

3. Do You clean tile and grout?

I clean ceramic tile only. Our pricing is approximately $60 per room.

4. Do you clean oriental rugs?

Yes and I handle them with care. Our pricing is $1 per square foot and we clean on site.


If this is the type of service you are looking for, give me a call for a free telephone consultation.

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Marcus Anderson